Our Hospital Home Care Services and Offerings

Hospital Home Care

Operations are quite daunting if we are not sure of the medical terminology that is used and the impact they will have once they are over.

A back or hip operation, colon or heart surgery, for example, may be painful and the recovery often requires much support for the rehabilitation.

To be able to be at home in the comfort of our own space is ideal for many of us. However, there is not always the right type of care assistance at home for the best recovery to happen.

Amalgamated Care walks the road of recovery alongside you, caring and supporting you the whole way. We often start before the operation where we meet and chat about the expectation as well as plan the best recovery plan for you.

Our Doctors and Registered nurses are specifically trained to support your unique post-op recovery programme. We collaborate with Physiotherapists, occupational therapists etc and we monitor all vitals 24/7 via remote AI software. With a carer at your side day or night, your rehabilitation phase is supported.

Specialised Nursing Services

Our Professional and registered teams at Amalgamated Care assist with the following home-based care service:

Palliative Care

Palliative care is the care given from the onset of a diagnosis of various medical illnesses including cancer, where a cure is no longer possible. It also includes the care of complex illnesses and their progression. 

In most cases, Palliative care is best supported in the comfort of person’s own home. Our nursing team at Amalgamated Care, work with each patient, their family and the interdisciplinary medical team. We structure a home-based care plan that caters for all the unique and specific physical, mental and emotional palliative care requirements.

Our End-of-life care at Amalgamated Care is focused on compassionate and supportive care for our client and their families, when facing the final phase of a terminal illness. Our home care assists with hands on specialized care and emotional support. Our ethos is to dignify death and to as relieve the pain and discomfort of the illness.

Elderly and Frail Care

Growing old gracefully is not always the case. Sometimes we can age quite dramatically, especially if we have faced trauma, like our husband or wife dying suddenly, or we have experienced a bad fall and fractured a bone.

With age, our bodies do not always work as well as they used to. Our joints can stiffen and mobility is not easy. Our hearing and eyesight deteriorate and we can feel isolated from the world.

We forget things and become impatient and irritable quickly. Tasks like bathing, walking, and shopping becomes a challenge as our health is not as good as it used to be. Luc Life Assisted Care cares for you with the support of a trained caregiver who focuses on your needs and also supports your anxiousness and concerns.

Dementia Care

Dementia is a general term for loss of memory and other mental abilities severe enough to interfere with daily life. It is caused by physical changes in the brain.

Learning new tasks, short and long-term memory, decision making, and communicating with others are affected by the disease.

Caring for a loved one when there is a Dementia diagnosis is emotionally and mentally fatiguing. Having to deal with the fact that in the future, they are mentally and physically only going to get worse is by no means easy.

Amalgamated Care supports Dementia care holistically. Our care plans are uniquely structured for each individual patient so that we can add value to their lives.