Our Staffing and Training Solutions

Staffing Solutions

Our Agency, Amalgamated Nursing Services, understands that positions unfilled in healthcare facilities reduce the quality of patient care. We Partner with our clients by providing managed outsourced staffing solutions including short and long-term contracts.

Featured Services:

We focus on understanding your specific staffing needs and shift rotation as well as cost implications and geographies. We are client-compliant and patient-centred, presenting staff placements that are professional and detailed in their fields. 

Staff placements include Registered Nurses, Registered Midwives, Registered Psychiatric Nurses, Enrolled Nurses, Auxiliary Nurses and Health Caregivers.

If you are experiencing any open positions, leave of absence or sudden shift changes these are occasions where Amalgamated Nursing Services, could help with its local contract staffing service.


The purpose of our training is to provide structured and profiled training interventions to clients by providing credit and non-credit bearing skills programs. 

Our products and services include credit-bearing training, learnerships, skills programmes, non-credit based training according to company needs assessing, induction, mentoring, coaching and specialised Workshops.

We also include alignment with SAQA, NQF and Skills Development Legislation.

We actively engage with the industry to recognise the types of training required and customise courses to fulfil those needs.