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At home hospital care - a nurse helping a patient in a wheelchair.
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At home hospital care - a nurse checking an elderly patient's heartbeat.

Hospital at Home Care

A major cause of hospital readmission or slow post-hospitalization recovery is due to the lack of proper support following a hospital discharge. Whether you are transitioning directly to your home after a hospitalisation or moving through the step down/sub-acute care facility, in-home care is a key resource for a safe and successful recovery process

Our team is comprised of a collaboration of Doctors, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists.

Our Agency, Amalgamated Nursing Services, supplies Registered, Enrolled and auxiliary medical personnel as well as specialised caregivers.

We also utilised AI (Artificial Intelligence) remote home clinical monitoring technology for 24/7 care support.

Amalgamated Care is a clinically strong home-based care programme and our mission is to provide exceptional home care and wellness support to our clients and their families.

Serving All People Through
Exemplary Care and Training

At home hospital care - nurses standing in a group.

Medical Staff Placement

Through our Agency, Amalgamated Nursing Services, we are able to provide qualified, trained and legally compliant nursing staff to ensure continuously improved quality of care and services to your patients/clients.

At home hospital care - medical staff sitting in a training session.


The purpose of our training is to provide structured and profiled training interventions to clients by providing credit and non-credit bearing skills programs. 

We actively engage with the industry to recognise the types of training required and customise courses to fulfil those needs.

Our Experience and Services

With over 35 years of experience within the health care sector, we confidently lead in our amalgamated care services. We provide services for hospital home care, medical staff placement and training.